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What is a Guardian Home?

A guardian home is a local family who is a forever home for one of the dogs in our breeding program.  Guardian homes allow our breeding dogs to live with families and not in kennels as our program grows. We are always looking for great guardian homes, so if you are interested, please contact us!


Our breeding program is designed around our ability to utilize guardian homes for our breeding dogs.  This program is designed this way to benefit everyone, especially and most importantly the dogs, who are raised in a home with a family instead of a kennel.  Think of it as being a foster family with the intention of adopting the dog permanently once their career is finished. Guardian homes are meant to be permanent so that the dog does not need to go through re-homing.  


Buck Hill Goldens retains ownership and breeding rights while the dog lives with a family.  We want all of our dogs to be in a loving home. It is a win, win for everyone, most importantly the dog.  


Most of the dogs in our guardian homes will be females but we may have a male from time to time. Females will have up to 4 litters and males can be in our program for up to 6 years (at the sole discretion of Buck Hill Goldens).  


When the guardian dog is of age, we will get all of his/her health clearances done and then if all goes well, we will breed them to a mate of our choosing.


If you are the Guardian Family for a female, you will bring your Buck Hill Golden to our home to be bred and then she will return home to your family for the duration of her pregnancy. One week before she is due, she will return to Buck Hill Golden’s Nursery to get ready for the birth of her puppies. She will stay in our Nursery until her puppies are weaned and placed in their new homes! Then the guardian dog will return back to you, her Guardian Family. 


If you are the Guardian Family for a male, he will just need to come over the week he will be bred and then he can return home!


Guardian families are responsible for normal dog care including but not limited to training, socialization, vet expenses (non-breeding related), food, grooming and lots of love and affection. Buck Hill Goldens pays for all breeding related expenses.  As an added benefit for the guardian family, depending on our schedule we will provide care for your dog while on vacation.  


We will ask you to visit our home periodically to ensure the dog is comfortable when he/she comes for breeding and whelping.  You will be responsible for sending pictures and updates monthly for our website.



  • Location, location, location - within 2 hours of Millry, Alabama.

       (Willing to work with families a bit outside of this range if you are the perfect home).

  • Feed Life's Abundance Dog Food. 

  • Give NuVet supplements daily. 

  • Keep female dogs away from intact male dogs.

  • Dog must be kept inside.

  • Not allow intact males to breed intact females.

  • Make sure the dog will obey basic commands. 

  • Notify us immediately when the dog is in season.

  • Visit our home periodically to ensure the dog is comfortable when they come back for breeding / whelping.

  • Bring the dog to Buck Hill Goldens as needed for health testing, breedings, whelping and photo shoots.


Thank you Guardian Families! We couldn't do it without you!

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